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Fortis Airbase

Skydive Switzerland pilot Roland Lüscher and his FORTIS

We are proud to be supported by one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers FORTIS Watches AG, the creators of the world’s first automatic wristwatch.

Today, nearly 110 years after the company released the first watches, Walter Vogt’s vision lives on in every FORTIS. To this day, every FORTIS is still hand-finished. Because nothing can replace the skill of the experienced hands of a watchmaker.

As well as technical innovations, such as the recent first chronograph with alarm and GMT functions, FORTIS also stands for trendsetting design. The best example of this is the mid-80s trend towards larger casings which has endured to this day.

Together we have created FORTIS Airbase – a 5***** dropzone for all the skydiving enthusiasts, be it first-timers or experienced fun jumpers. Moreover, you can also enjoy a scenic flight amongst the highest of Swiss and French mountains such as the famous Matterhorn or Mont Blanc.