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Who are we?

We are passionate about skydiving

Skydive Switzerland has been in continuous operation for over 20 years making us one of the most established skydiving places in Switzerland.

At Skydive Switzerland, it’s all about your experience! We are a highly experienced team of skydivers who love to share the spirit of skydiving with travellers and thrill-seekers from all over the world and locals alike. With high standards of safety, comfort and personal service, we value nothing more than enabling you to share in the joy of a tandem skydive over picturesque Bernese Oberland and the breathtaking views on the Swiss Alps. We couldn`t be more excited to introduce you to this adventure and provide unforgettable “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences.

Join in the fun and skydive in one of Switzerland most spectacular locations!


Our location

Our dropzone in Reichenbach/Kandertal is located near to the number one place for fun and adventure sports, Interlaken. It`s not only just 20 minutes away from Interlaken, we also offer you the best view on the Swiss Alps and of deeply blue Lake Thun.

Safety is our priority

Skydive Switzerland is a dropzone that values safety and quality. Your safety is always our number one priority. To ensure our guests have safe and fun skydiving experiences, we jump state of the art and well-maintained equipment. All of our experienced instructors are certified, thoroughly trained, highly experienced and safety minded. Our pilots are certified and as well very experienced and our aircraft are well-maintained to all Federal Aviation
Administration specifications. We are a member of the Swiss Parachute Association and we adhere to all safety regulations.

Our great team

Each team member is dedicated to ensuring that every of our guest has an amazing skydiving experience. From the office personnel who help you book your skydive and answer your questions to the Instructor and Videographer who share your skydive with you. Only passionate, experienced and enthusiastic people are part of the Skydive Switzerland team and it makes all the difference in your experience.

Our Skydive Community

Skydiving is about more than jumping out of airplanes and more than just a job. As skydivers, we choose to surround ourselves with people who truly enjoy life and believe in making the most of every single day. From our staff to fun jumpers, to tandem students, skydiving tends to draw people who are passionate about life. At our dropzone, you’ll find people who really enjoy one another’s company and feel bonded by the freedom of flight.